Dr Song Rosehip Oil Review

I received the Dr Song Rosehip Oil to show you guys, and I love it! It is 100% pure, organic, virgin oil, and USDA certified, which is awesome! My favorite use for this is on my legs, right after I shave.

When you order this from Amazon, it comes wrapped securely in bubble wrap, which I definitely appreciate. The product is in a heavy blue glass bottle, with a glass dropper. I appreciate the dropper, but you do need to be really careful with it. Even when you aren’t touching the rubber part of the dropper, oil tends to come out. On the plus side, this oil wipes up very easily off of laminate, tile, and counters. As I said before, I love putting about ten drops on each leg and rubbing it in after I shower. This is also great to spot-treat dry skin, as it blends into the skin extremely easily. For my face, I prefer to use cream moisturizers rather than oil, so I can’t really say if this will break you out.

This retails for $14.99 plus shipping for 4 ounces of product. While it seems expensive, I would recommend still recommend this, as I have been using this consistently for the past three weeks, and I would’ve only gone through about an eighth of it had I not spilled it. Overall, this is a definite win for me!

Have you tried oils for moisturizing in the past?

What do you think?

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